Sudarsan took up the challenge to popularize sand art as a professional art form and started exhibiting sand art at various places in India by giving a new content and meaning to its form. He took current national and international events on social problems such as World Peace, Threatened Wild Life species (Olive Ridley Turtles), Terrorism, HIV-AIDS, World Sports, Global Warming, Human resources and problems of similar nature and depicted it through the form of SAND ART to create public awareness which has been extensively covered by the electronic Media like BBC, CNN, ABC, Doordarshan, Discovery, National Geography, Aaj Tak, NDTV and others as well as the print media.

AIDS awareness at Puri beach

Reduce global warming message
from green Ganesg

AIDS awareness sculpture
at Chennai

Help us fight Global warming

Greening Durgs’s message for
Global Warming

Flu awareness at Puri beach

AIDS awareness campaign
for staying away from the disease

Stay away from Bird flu